Manufacturer’s Warranty

GSWeb warrants its products to be free from defect in materials or workmanship for a period of (1) one year during normal use and installation and in accordance with our published specifications. Additional limited warranties cover the products against defects caused by deterioration affecting the structural integrity of the equipment. 

The period and scope of this limited warranty shall be as provided below calculated from the date of purchase of the Products:


  • 20 year limited

    warranty on steel posts and stainless steel posts,

    with the exclusion of cosmetic defects,

    and providing that proper maintenance

    was performed on rotating parts according to

    Manufacturer’s instruction.

  • 15 year limited

    warranty on moulded aluminum parts and aluminum posts, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

  • 10 year limited

    warranty on cable breakage,

    with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.
  • 5 year limited

    warranty on tubular aluminum and steel components, and aluminum and stainless steel connectors,

    with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    warranty on PVC-coated steel decks, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    warranty on rubber seats or rubber mats for net events, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    warranty on nylon bearings and ring junction pieces, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

  • 2 year limited

    warranty on nylon bushings and rubber bumper for Rainbow Swings,

    with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    warranty on plastic panels and slide, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    warranty on premature wear of nylon cables, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects.

    Determination of what constitutes premature wear will be at Manufacturer’s discretion.


  • In case, the product is installed within 250meter of the sea, contact us separately for the warranty period.


Third party's products:

PE Slide, including tubes, is supplied by third party supplier so it may carry their own warranties.

GSWeb warranty is not applied to non-GSWeb manufacturing products.

In normal use condition, our slide supplier doesn't have any responsibilities for installation services performed by third party suppliers.


The warranty stated above is valid only if the structures are erected in conformity with the installation instructions and procedures furnished by GSWeb using approved parts; have been maintained and inspected in accordance with GSWeb’s instructions; have been subjected to normal use for the purpose for which the goods were designed; have not been subjected to vandalism, misuse, neglect or accident; have not been subjected to addition or substitution of parts; and have not been modified, altered, or repaired by persons other than GSWeb or its designees in a any respect which, in the judgment of GSWeb, affects the condition or operation of the structures. This warranty does not cover cosmetic items (such as scratches, dents, marring, fading, discoloring and weathering), paint, normal wear and tear, or damage due to checking and warping.

These warranties cover either replacement or repair, at the Manufacturer’s discretion, of any Products according to the above descriptions. Transportation and installation-on-site costs are not covered by these warranties, except where specific arrangements are made with written consent from the Manufacturer. To make claim under the terms of the Warranty, the Buyer’s written statement of claim, along with a copy of the original invoice, maintenance records, and supporting photographs, must be sent to the below listed address.