Expand a child’s mind by letting them interact in a Playground! 


We offer children chances to manipulate the environment and explore, to interact with nature and with other children. Children’s discovery playgrounds are places where children can claim the magic of the world they are born into - the ability to learn in a natural environment through exploration and discovery, and the opportunity to harness the power of their own imaginations.

Emotions and behaviors are expressed differently in each person because of personal life experiences. As our experience grows and we learn more, we can apply new concepts continually to best serve the children of the future.


Big Splash in Singapore

Singapore's tallest outdoor play feature opens in East Coast Park.

The iconic landmark, Big Splash which ceased operations in 2016 has been redeveloped into an outdoor play area with the 16m high play tower and slides.

The Crab in Taiwan

Whoever said that a playground can't be a piece of architecture never saw this Crab play structure.

An adventure in Taiwan awaits you ahead!

Make your own playground

There exists playground equipment that you can simply put in your pocket. You can design the playground anytime, anywhere with this clear card.  When a great idea for a playground runs across your mind, you don’t need to always keep paper and pen nearby to jot it down.  Just pull out the card from your pocket and put it against the background. 

Have you got any? Why don’t you contact GSWeb? 

Play experiences for all childhood ages

Opening ceremony took place at Nice, France. The ceremony was an event for developers, architects and other members of the industry to share the latest developments in technologies and to congratulation on the opening of new type of playground. 

It’s sure you are as excited as we are by the vision, and by the more vibrant industry and flourishing landscape in Nice. GSWeb’s Rolling Hills will be made much contribution to our leading position as a regional cultural metropolis, as well as the largest sales market along with other European countries.


Best serve the children of the future

GSWeb participated in GaLaBau 2016 exhibition to be held in Nuremberg, Germany from Sept.14 to 17 as exhibitor.

Thank everyone there who has congratulated us and had lots of fun with it.  It’s time to go to the Acorn Village with your kids.  Your kids will help each other form strong friendships as you have.